Why Us

With So Many Options Out There...

Why Work With The Derricks Group?

  • Like you, we’ve been ripped off by digital marketing agencies, marketing “guys”, and pretty much any other route you can take…which is why we started our own agency to actually help you. 
  • What you see is what you actually get, you work directly with us and we work directly on your projects (no bait-and-switch where we park a $10/hr intern in front of your account). 
  • We realize that communication is paramount, so we strive to parlay information to you quickly and concisely, so you feel comfortable knowing what we’re doing and expectations are met. 
  • You deserve complete transparency, and don’t sugarcoat things. If we can do it, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you. 
  • You shouldn’t settle for anything but investing in data and stats that actually matter. We’ll never flash fancy social media “metrics” in front of you to make you believe campaigns are performing better than they really are. (Another “trick” those other agencies do to keep from having to produce real results)
  • Every single thing we do is ROI-Driven and reverse-engineered from your goals. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters and we know it. 
  • To maintain world-class quality, we will never outsource your project to minimum-wage-or-below overseas workers…we hire 90% within America or hand-pick undervalued talent from a select list of areas (yes, it costs us much more)
  • Unlike many of our insecure competitor’s main way of monetizing, we do not restrict any access to anything nor do we refuse to work with anybody on your team or in tandem with other companies you trust.  
  • You’ll be in full control of your most valuable assets at all time: your data, customer/client information, and marketing campaigns. We do not steal your data (hold it hostage) like many agencies. 
  • We understand marketing that supports our own 7-figure business and have built 7-figure businesses in the following verticals: eCommerce, coaching/consulting, info products, and service. (The opposite of nearly all other agencies, they launch an agency because they couldn’t figure out how to make it on their own business and fell-back on the agency and client projects.)
  • The list goes on, but you’ll find out just a few weeks from now.